Olympia - the unbelievable story

About 12062020 Olympia

Our world, our society has not felt as if they are in balance for a long time. Nevertheless, it seems like neither politics nor the economy is addressing the big questions of our time satisfyingly: can we continue to consume as we do now without destroying our planet? Can technology alone really stop climate change? Do I have a better chance than other people because of my heritage, my education or other aspects?

We have launched this project to ensure that these and other future-oriented questions receive as much attention as possible. Olympia is more than a single event. Olympia is an experiment; we are a movement. 

On June 12, 2020 we want to give a decisive impulse to change our society, politics and the economy in such a way that our future will offer a real perspective for our planet and for us as its inhabitants.

Please note! Due to the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2/Covid-19), we have reduced our plans for June 12, 2020 to the bare minimum for the time being, as the focus is now to thoroughly consider how things will continue. Our team is in close contact with the responsible authorities, our event agency and the Berlin Olympic Stadium in order to make appropriate decisions. We ask you to give us some time to discuss our options and come to a carefully considered decision. The ticket shipment planned for March 25, 2020 will be adjusted according to the decision.

One thing is certain: we will continue to pursue our visions and goals. Because right now we see how important it is to change and to adapt one’s behaviour to a time of crisis. Now is the time to think about what kind of world we want to live in tomorrow. Let us start there and take the future into our own hands together! 

Our Olympia-Crowd has already mastered many hurdles in the last months and we will also master this hurdle. The sooner we have clarity, the better we can address alternative options and make the best use of our limited resources!

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